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i'm procrastinating life away: cp/ceepee. why can't i hold all these fandoms; sometimes i write, code, or play games. most times i'm a lazy bum. I have a variety of interests.

I usually do not follow back unless your blog is relevant to my interests & that I know you. However, I do follow back eventually if you so happen to follow me anyways.~
My about me+ can be located via the links to the left, along with my side blog and stream.
feel free to ask me anything!

Reblogs include, but are not limited to: various gifs, stuff that catches my eye, animangoes, stuff that makes me laugh, food, stuff i like, & stuff that I just happen to be into/following at the moment. Oh and the occasional nsfw. (╹◡╹)



But srsly though


If you ever find yourself in a Disney movie


And someone or something starts being mysteriously surrounded by lime green


Stay away from the thing


Everything lime green is evil


Just remember that.


Everything lime green is evil.

"Green is not a creative color"

ppl i stalk